I read a lot of stuff online…it makes the “work” day go faster, and I’ve discovered a couple of phrases people use incorrectly, probably because most people are fucking idiots who are–amazingly–smart enough to remember to breathe.  (I really hate stupid people for some reason…they just tax my patience and nerves).

The first phrase is “could of” (and the related “should of”.  Hey, morons…it’s not “could of”, it’s “could’ve”.  It’s a contraction.  It’s short for “could have”.  How fucking hard is that?  Do you say “I could of gone to Vancouver last week if I wanted?” or “I could have gone to Vancouver last week”?  Oh, my bad…stupid question, because you’re probably too stupid to know what “Vancouver” is.

Second one is “intensive purposes”.  It’s supposed to be “intents and purposes”.  How do you confuse the two?  “And” and “ive” sound completely fucking different.  Also, just fucking think about it…”intensive purposes”?  Really?  That sounds like a real phrase?  Are you fucking retarded?

I know this post won’t make a difference, but I say both of these this morning within a minute of each other and it just annoyed me.

The world is full of idiots.  It used to be that this amused me…now it scares me.

EDIT:  I just encountered “would of” on a forum on the ‘Net.  Bah…