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8 July

So, as misfortunate as it is, I do have a MySpace page. A really, really weak one that doesn’t have a lot of friends and is hardly ever visited, because I’m so incredibly reviled by everyone I’ve ever known.

Or something like that.

Anyhow, if you’re like me, you receive scammy, spammy messages on MySpace occasionally. In fact, I just got one, as shown below:

So, you’re from Chicago but now you’re in Africa?  What the fuck is wrong with you?  Also, you’re in search of someone you can leave the rest of your life with?  No thanks, scamwhore, but I already have enough life without you leaving me the rest of yours.

“see if you can click”?  WTF?

30 June

Okay, so SCoD isn’t really a regular feature, but this one on a story at the Consumerist really stood out as inane:

@Ash78: Too bad BMW is a British Car, not German…. B-British… M-Motor….W-… im not sure what the w stands for but its probably Works?

23 June

Nice shirt(s)…

*See this post

8 May

From Wired:

May 7, 2008

Hackers’ posts on epilepsy forum cause migraines, seizures

AP Technology Writer

Computer attacks typically don’t inflict physical pain on their victims.

But in a rare example of an attack apparently motivated by malice rather than money, hackers recently bombarded the Epilepsy Foundation’s Web site with hundreds of pictures and links to pages with rapidly flashing images.

The breach triggered severe migraines and near-seizure reactions in some site visitors who viewed the images. People with photosensitive epilepsy can get seizures when they’re exposed to flickering images, a response also caused by some video games and cartoons, that’s why some people decide to use special gaming monitors to avoid this, you can find more at this gaming monitor reviews here.

The attack happened when hackers exploited a security hole in the foundation’s publishing software that allowed them to quickly make numerous posts and overwhelm the site’s support forums.

Within the hackers’ posts were small flashing pictures and links — masquerading as helpful — to pages that exploded with kaleidoscopic images pulsating with different colors.

“They were out to create seizures,” said Ken Lowenberg, senior director of Web and print publishing for the foundation.

He said legitimate users are no longer able to post animated images to the support forum or create direct links to other sites, and it is now moderated around the clock. He said the FBI is investigating the breach.

Security experts said the attack highlights the dangers of Web sites giving visitors great freedom to post content to different parts of the site.

In another recent attack, hackers exploited a simple coding vulnerability in Sen. Barack Obama’s Web site to redirect users visiting the community blogs section to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s official campaign site.

The hackers who infiltrated the Epilepsy Foundation’s site didn’t appear to care about profit. The harmful pages didn’t appear to try to push down code that would allow the hacker to gain control of the victims’ computers, for instance.

“I count this in the same category of teenagers who think it’s funny to put a cat in a bag and throw it over a clothesline — they don’t realize how cruel it is,” said Paul Ferguson, a security researcher at antivirus software maker Trend Micro Inc. “It was an opportunity waiting to happen for some mean-spirited kid.”

In a similar attack this year, a piece of malicious code was released that disabled software that reads text aloud from a computer screen for blind and visually impaired people. That attack appeared to have been designed to cripple the computers of people using illegal copies of the software, researchers said.

23 April

So, I ran SSW through the Blog Cuss-O-Meter and got the following disappointing results:

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?

What the fuck? I mean, I certainly don’t cuss like a motherfucking sailor, but, shit, I assumed that I’d have a much higher percentage of goddamn profanity.

According to their website, “Around 6.4% of the pages on your website contain cussing.This is 29% LESS than other websites who took this test.”

I had a feeling that this cocksucking Blog Cuss-O-Meter might be fucking broken and returning shitty results, but after doing a simple fucking analysis, it might be true that I’m just not a writer that uses a lot of profane words. I Googled several fucking profanities, limiting my results to just SSW to see how many goddamn pages featured each word. This is what I fucking found out:

Potentially Offensive Word Pages with said word
Fuck 152
Shit 157
Ass 116
Tits/Titties 13
Pussy 26
Dick 58
Cunt 21
Motherfucker 3
Cock 21
Cocksucker 2

So, I guess I need to cuss more. Bitches.

9 March

So, I’ve been shopping for new tv and went to the Conn’s website to check out their prices and selection. While there, I stumbled across this wonderful deal:


That’s a great deal…imagine what you could do with all that money you save when buying at the sale price compared to the regular price!

14 January

I read a lot of stuff online…it makes the “work” day go faster, and I’ve discovered a couple of phrases people use incorrectly, probably because most people are fucking idiots who are–amazingly–smart enough to remember to breathe.  (I really hate stupid people for some reason…they just tax my patience and nerves).

The first phrase is “could of” (and the related “should of”.  Hey, morons…it’s not “could of”, it’s “could’ve”.  It’s a contraction.  It’s short for “could have”.  How fucking hard is that?  Do you say “I could of gone to Vancouver last week if I wanted?” or “I could have gone to Vancouver last week”?  Oh, my bad…stupid question, because you’re probably too stupid to know what “Vancouver” is.

Second one is “intensive purposes”.  It’s supposed to be “intents and purposes”.  How do you confuse the two?  “And” and “ive” sound completely fucking different.  Also, just fucking think about it…”intensive purposes”?  Really?  That sounds like a real phrase?  Are you fucking retarded?

I know this post won’t make a difference, but I say both of these this morning within a minute of each other and it just annoyed me.

The world is full of idiots.  It used to be that this amused me…now it scares me.

EDIT:  I just encountered “would of” on a forum on the ‘Net.  Bah…

5 January

So, there I was, not doing much of anything, when I decided that I would see if there was an actual website at Retards.Com.  Expecting pictures of retarded people, I was kind of chagrined to find out that it is just a “placeholder” website:


But then I read the last paragraph on the right and it made me laugh:


Because nothing goes together like Mental Retardation and Funny Videos.


1 March

Barbra M. Carnival
Abstraction H. Goya
Greengrocers G. Underscores
Warpath A. Cockpit
Marinading D. Modifying
Rhyme C. Turmoiled
Patrolman H. Infidel
Fraternizing M. Bigness
Dissociation M. Nutrasweet
Gloomiest O. Counts
Catchall R. Vibes
Clever G. Pocked
Climax O. Prairie

19 July

Is it just me or is this Macauley Culkin and Annie Lennox’s love child in this Yahoo! ad?

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