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17 April

This weekend I went out for drinks with one of my most favorite people in the world, Holly, and–during the course of the evening–I mentioned that I’d come across some pics from White Trash Weekend waaaay back in 2003. She encouraged me to post some of them, so here they are:

Rachel and Andy (aka Minotaur)

Holly with long hair watching TV

Josh raping Chad

Rachel kissing Grace

Holly kissing Grace

(check out the lightened area!)

27 February

18 November

First off, the Moblog is finally back online. Check it out!

Secondly, you might remember way back in time when ‘Shank and I went to Ontario–this was like eight months ago in March–well, we finally got a gallery of photos up. Check them out here or find it under “Features”.

4 October

So, DART–Dallas’ rapid transit agency–has decided that the Good-Latimer tunnel–the gateway to Deep Ellum–needs to come down so that a rail line and station can be placed there. Demolition apparently started September 19th, though I haven’t been in the area to see the destruction firsthand. ‘Shank and I journeyed down there a couple of months back to take some pictures of the artwork that graced the tunnel and I present a few for you now.

19 March

As you may or may not remember, depending on how long you’ve been reading SSW, Linz and I went to Toronto way back in August. Since then, I’ve been telling myself that I’d post a gallery of selected photos on the site. I finally got bored enough tonight to actually do it. Yay me! The gallery can be found in the “Features” section under “Toronto 2004” (or you can just click here). While you’re there, check out the farcical story about the first time I visited Toronto with my friend Clay.

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