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4 September

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8 July

Jones will either appreciate this or be frightened by it…

31 May

This is the only vaguely funny Sex and the City YouTube parody that I’ve seen. And even then it’s not all that funny, save for a few choice lines.

1 May

So, there’s a new Incredible Hulk movie coming out (is it a sequel? a remake? what?), starring everyone’s favorite action hero, Ed Norton. I saw the trailer the other day on HDNet and something really bothered me.

It was so obviously filmed in Toronto.

If you’re going to cheap out and film a movie that takes place in New York in Toronto, at least make an effort.

You can watch the trailer here:

(Trailer one is the worst offender, so that’s the one I’m citing in this post)

At 1:03, you can clearly see the outside of Just Imagine Printing in Hamilton, a suburb of Toronto:


I couldn’t find a pic, but here’s their website. Notice the logo similarity.

Second, in this scene, the bad guy (played by a resurrected Tim Roth), runs past Toronto titty bar Zanzibar:


And here’s a real pic, from my archives (notice how they covered up the “Toronto’s” on the next door sign with some indecipherableness):


I also noticed a second clue in the “CashMoney” sign right behind Tim Roth’s character:


Since when did we start spelling “Check” as “Cheque” in the States?



1. This is obviously Sam The Record Man:


2. This is the Pizza Pizza next to the Eaton Centre…they always have giant pictures of pizza on this wall, as seen here:


and, finally,

3. If you squint, you can just make out a CTV logo right next to my “3”:


Guys, try a bit harder next time…

22 January

I went and saw Cloverfield last night and I learned a lot of things from the movie. I’ve outlined some of the more important things below:

-Despite what ‘Shank insisted was true, the thing attacking NYC wasn’t actually a giant Jew named Mort Cloverfeld who was just looking for something to nosh on.
-They make camcorder batteries that can last for hours and hours, but cell phone batteries die within minutes (but that’s okay, because they come from the store pre-charged).
-When people explode, it’s kind of messy.
-You can take a classic Japanese movie (in this case Godzilla and mix it with a lame Nineties movie (Blair Witch Project) and get a fairly decent film. I expect to see a portmanteau of Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai and The Adventures of Pluto Nash within a year.
-Digital SD cards can hold hours of HD-quality video.
-If you’re a giant monster, you’re impervious to pretty much anything, even if you look like your skin is pretty thin and maybe a bit gooey.
-Landmarks are a bad place to be during any kind of monster attack (we already learned–from Independence Day–that they are a bad place to be during an alien invasion).
-A thin office tower can support the weight of a residential tower leaning against it.
-You can have rebar piercing your body completely through, but then be pretty much okay after you get free.
-Nokia has plenty of extra money for product placement.
-Apparently Travis didn’t have good luck with Beth.
-If you’re getting ready to move to Japan, experience a giant monster attack at home to get you ready for what I assume is a weekly occurrence in the Land of the Rising Sun.
-If you’re flying away from a scene of utter destruction that’s still going on, don’t hover around in your helicopter watching it continue to happen…get the fuck out of there.
-Your cell phone will work even with large portions of the city’s infrastructure gone and no doubt millions of people trying to make calls. Also, they’ll work fine in the subway.
-If you’re being chased by a monster, hide under something collapsible.
-Even the military is dumb enough to fall for the old “holding your camera at your side instead of turning it off” trick.
-A video camera is more valuable than your life.
-Always get into the first helicopter.
-If a girl you slept with shows up at your going away party with another guy and then has the nerve to call you while the world is under attack wanting you to save her, fuck that bitch…let her die.

8 January

I saw this movie last night. Go see it. You’ll like it. I promise. I can’t use long phrases. For some reason. Apparently.

17 April

Thank God they didn’t make the first five. This movie was so bad, Bill Cosby himself urged people not to see it. I saw it. I want to claw my eyes out for having seen it and I hate that I lost an hour-and-a-half of my life to it. Bill Cosby, you owe me.

Anyhow, Holly passes along a link to the trailer…enjoy!


1 March

Today is a banner day in the somewhat troubled history of SomethingSoWrong. For the first time in memory, we’ve received a nice, non-hatemail letter from someone. Read on:

Today I was discussing my everlasting irrational fear of the Oompa Loompa Men, and as usual people looked at me like I was nuts and began to laugh. At least no one sang the song this time.


So I decided I MUST NOT be alone, and I did a google search with the words “i’m afraid of the oompa loompa men”. That is how I came about this site and the post “Mmmm…Chocolate” from Thursday, July 14, 2005. Thank god! I have finally found someone else who feels the way I do! I’m not alone!

Recently the movie was playing on HBO. My 5-year-old son and I watched it, me thinking I needed to face my fear and be an adult. I was also sort of excited to let my son see one of the classics. But I tell you, the fear remains! Every time that terrible song came on I started to whimper and whine, and my son was nearly laughing at me! He kept saying “they’re just little men mom! They aren’t scary! It’s not nice not to like them.” Heh.

He even tried to torment me with the song later, but thankfully his five-year-old brain could not retain the melody. THANK GOD!

And thank you, whoever you are, for posting this. It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one!

Cinnette Wilder

Well, thank you very much Cinnette. We appreciate your kind words!

30 June

“Don’t cross the beams!”

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