Funniness Negates Wrongness
Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Those Crazy Germans
Munich - December 1978

You and your incredibly ugly friends have gathered in a cafe to discuss ideas for the upcoming 1979 Eurovision song contest to be held--somewhat inexplicably--in Israel. The weight of 1972's massacre of the Israeli Olympic team right there in your very own hometown still hangs heavily and you're determined to impress the Israelis--to show them that Munich can be a fun and happy place.

Unfortunately, ideas for your entry are hard to come by. Perhaps you could sing a song about the ancient struggle of the Jews. Or maybe a somber ballad to the victims of the Holocaust. Or maybe something about the efficiency of the German people. Especially at how efficient they slaughtered 6 million Jews. No, that would probably not win any points with the Israelis.

You and your friends grow tired as the night wears on. Finally, inspiration strikes. You will create a fantasy group named after your favorite conquerer of peoples after Hitler--Genghis Khan. Of course, your German, so you'll spell it "Dschinghis Khan". And you'll inexplicably sing a song called "Moskau", after your favorite Soviet Bloc city. For the contest, you'll wear wacky outfits and dance crazily. It'll be a classic!

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