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Large guy at the porno shop – m4m

Large guy at the porno shop – m4m – 18 (East Nashville)

Date: 2009-02-02, 8:18PM CST

I saw you this evening, at the adult video store. You were the rather large man, mid 50’s, with the comb-over and the eyeglasses case in your pocket. I was the young guy with the stiffie standing almost beside you. I knew from the moment you walked in that I wanted you. As I cautiously approached you, I smelled your intoxicating aroma. That mysterious mixture of Preferred Stock and Doritos. I could tell by the bulge in your chip-stained, pleat-front slacks that you wanted me. You glanced across to me, and our eyes locked. You looked at me like you were a supermodel, and I was three ounces of chicken. You had that look of both predator and prey. My eyes then traveled from your face, down your unusually large breasts( click to read more about how you can enhance your breast naturally), past your belly that was partly showing below the hemline of your shirt, down those trunk-like thighs and I knew that this enormous bulldozer of a man had to be mine. If you remember me, tell me what I was wearing, or what I said to you when you told me that you were craving doughnuts. That way I’ll know its you. Email me you big, sexy hunk of doughy manflesh.


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hear ye, hear ye.. – m4m

hear ye, hear ye.. – m4m – 47 (madison area)

Date: 2009-01-28, 9:04PM CST

we had a strange chemistry.. we liked the same things. we laughed together, cried together, and dressed up together. sometimes i dressed up like a cowboy and whipped you, and other times you wore a negligee and fed me cupcakes. i miss you. call me. hendersonville isn’t that far..

The Nastiest, Fattest Ass Ever

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I’m Pretty Sure Shit Doesn’t Come Out of There

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Redhead at Starbucks – m4m

Redhead at Starbucks – m4m – 27 (Temple)

Date: 2009-01-28, 12:16PM CST

you were on your laptop by the window- we made no conection but i would love to blow the shit out of your cock. Let me know if you ever tried. Discreet here

Wolverine Gives Barbara Walters A Lap Dance

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Drank is a “extreme relaxation drink” (as opposed to an energy drink) aimed at the African-American market segment. Their tagline is “Slow Your Roll”. It’s can is ergonomically-designed to fit the cupholders of mid-Eighties American sedans with giant wheels and bad upholstery.

Mortal Kombat?

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Whenever there’s a fatal accident covered by my hometown’s amateurish newspaper, the Tyler Morning Telegraph, they use this graphic on their website. Is it just me, or does it seem to be announcing the death with some level of exuberant glee?


“Notorious Cock Gobblers” Sounds Like A Band

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Looking for little man Noor! – m4m

Looking for little man Noor! – m4m – 46 (ATX)

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Date: 2009-02-14, 8:23PM CST

I’m looking for a 3 foot tall midget named Noor J. If you see him, CATCH HIM and he will have to lead you to his pot of gold! Be careful though. He is a notorious cock gobbler!

Clowns Are Creepy

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Date: 2009-01-29, 1:06PM EST

I was at the circus last night(thursday) with some friends and noticed right off the bat one of the “clown” boys. I am talking about one in particular, incredibly hot clown guys. If any of the circus guys reads this, help me get in touch with this one guy. He had on a certain color pair of pants,shirt,etc…. I am serious about this!! I think he is really cute and would love to meet up with him after the show while he is still in town…

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