Funniness Negates Wrongness
Thursday, April 24, 2008
Eating Out Is Fun!

Things I've Either Said or Have Had Said to Me While Either Having Sex or Dining at a Seafood Restaurant

"I don't want crabs."
"It smells fishy."
"You gotta suck the head."
"I love the taste of hot chowder."
"I could eat this all day."
"I don't like the feeling of it sliding down my throat."
"I see why they call it 'jumbo'."
"I found a bone."
"Ugh...that makes me gag."
"Are you finished yet?"
"Can I get a towelette to clean up with?"
"You gotta peel back the skin to get to the good part."
"This one is pretty veiny."
"How does it taste?"
"This is way too bloody."1
"That might mess up my insides."
"Yuck...that's too much cheese."
"Should I just use my hands?"
"Mmm...that was good!"
"How much do I owe?"


1This might've been at a steakhouse. I can't remember.