Funniness Negates Wrongness
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Hi everybody its me timmy. do you member me? i used to write to my freinds at somethingsowrong all the time but i havent in a long time because ive been living with my foster parents and they dont have a comptuer and so i couldnt write to somethignsowrong and it made me sad. i still dont have a real body just a burlapsack filled with mulch and sticks for bones but thats okay because my daddy is finally back from statejail and my mom is finally back from her three month vacation to lost vagas and so i get to live with them again and mommy said that when she was in nevoda she made enough money to pay for a new used trailer for us. she was in lost vagas working as a magishun i think because she told me that she made money by doing tricks. isnt that cool? my mommy can do magic just like harry potter.

when we gotted our new trailer daddy set my coputer up for me that i had to leave at my grammas while i was at the foster family and he gotted me a modem so i can emial somethingsowrong wehn i want to. but then i was sad when i found out that somethingsoworng had dieded and it wasnt around anymroe just a fake newspaper ad or something advertizing that it had dieded. i cried a lot but my mommy hit me because she said if i creid too much it would scare off the worms living in my burlapbag and then i wouldnt have any friends anymore but wehn she hitted me it just made me cry alot more.

we're living in our new used trailor in a place caled windy breez trailor court in florida. oopws im not sposed to tell you that we live in florida now becuase daddy says that its a secrut because if his prole occifer finds out hes not lviing in georgia any more he might have to go on vacation to statejail again and he doesnt want to go to georgia. daddy is working at a farm here and im not supposd to tell you what he grows at the farm but its somekind of plant that smells like my granpas feet sometimes especially when my daddy and momy make cigrets out of it and smoke is and it makes them luagh alot and i lauigh alot when there laughign becuase its so funny to see them be silly. sometimes daddy also bys cigrets at the store and they come in a box but they dont make him laugh as much and he gets mad at me sometimes beceause i costed him and mommy to much becaues of my health problems and then daddy acidently puts his cigrets out on my back and tummy because wehn he gets mad he somteims thinks i look like an ashtray. daddys so funny like that. but when he acidetnly does that it hurts alot and one time my burlapbag caught on fire and mommy threw water on me and it took a week for my mulch to drie out and she kept saying that I smeled like cowshit when i was wet.

so i geuss i just want to say goodby to somethingsowrorng and say thanksyou for how nice you have ben to me and for potsing my letters on somethignswrong and that im going to miss you somethingsosrong and that myabe won day you wont be dieded any more and maybe then we can be freinds and taht would be aweseom juyst like the big trukc that my daddy stoled hehe i mean borrowed from a soemoen in georgia. byby.