Funniness Negates Wrongness
Thursday, July 20, 2006
Just Being Helpful
As some of you know, occasional blogger Minotaur went and got some chick knocked up. By "some chick", I mean his wife and by "knocked up", I mean pregnant.

And, as some of you also know, Minotaur is my brother, which means, of course, that I'm going to be an uncle. Good ol' Uncle Rifleman. Or, as I was called by Minotaur and his wife a while back, Rich Uncle Moneybags.

You see, apparently Minotaur and wife (not to be confused with McMillan and Wife have this kee-razy notion that I am somewhat well-off. Sure, I do have a money bin that I'm constantly defending from the Beagle Boys and I'm always having to outwit Magica de Spell in her wily schemes to steel my Number One Dime, but this doesn't mean that I am a wealthy man.

But I digress. Watching your younger brother get married and have kids can be kind of depressing if you yourself haven't found that right person and settled down. Fortunately, I'm not ready for either (though I suppose I'm slowly getting there). The best part about Minotaur having a kid is the fact that I get to give my mother shit about being an old woman now. Yay!

Minotaur and wife are supposed to find out today if said child will be a boy or a girl. Personally, I'm kind of hoping it's a boy, so Minotaur will get some of that old-fashioned karmic payback for being such a hand-full for our parents back in the day. Our mother is hoping for a girl, but thinks it will be a boy. I told Minotaur they should meet our mother halfway and have a flamboyantly gay son. I couldn't tell if he thought that was funny or not. Probably not. Or maybe he did...he was the one, after all, that coined the phrase "funniness negates wrongness".

Either way, they're going to have to name it. To assist, I have compiled the following list of suggestions:

Potential Boy Names


Potential Girl Names

Penelope (long "o" so that it rhymes--sort of--with "cantaloupe")
Elizabeth Regina
Katrina Rita

Anyone else have any suggestions?
Anonymous michele said...
I just thought of one....