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Thursday, September 15, 2005
The Life
Don't you just fucking hate it when you sit down to hammer out some content for your blog and you can't think of anything to say? I hate it almost as much as I hate Cockneys.

Of course, I didn't start hating Cockneys until yesterday, but already the hatred has grown in me, festering like a infected toenail.

And what caused me to hate Cockneys? I work with one. And he's annoying. And not just because he's says things like "Corr!" and "Blimey" and "Guvnah", but because he's always into other peoples' shit. Telling us how to do our jobs better, even though he's a clueless limey bastard.

He's starting to sour me on all of the English. Which is making it hard to listen to Radio 1 in the mornings and evenings whilst commuting. Also, how the hell am I supposed to run away and start a new life in London when I don't like the English?

But I digress.

Truth be known, I haven't had anything really wrong happen to me in a while. At least not wrong enough to blog about.

I went and saw "Nine Songs" with 'Shank last week. That was interesting. Basically a concert film featuring groups like Franz Ferdinand, the Von Bondies and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with some hardcore sex thrown in. It approached that line the separates artistic erotica from hardcore porn, but didn't cross it. The most notable event at the theatre that night was when the Jewish guy working the box office said, as we purchased our tickets, that the characters in the movie "schtup like rabbits".

I've finally broken down and starting writing a new book. I like's relaxing and it allows me to create my own closure for things that weren't given proper send-offs. I'm still editing/rewriting/fixing Moaner, but I needed something new to do. Besides, reading Moaner kind of depresses me now.

Oktoberfest starts this weekend in Munich (Munchy if you can't pronounce München). We're celebrating it at the Ginger Man on Saturday, so hopefully that will provide some content or something. Or maybe not.


I hate it when I'm not creative.

On a side note, there was a repo man chasing a black woman through our office today...she was apparently several months delinquent on her car payments. Watching them run around, I kept waiting for that wacky music from the Benny Hill Show to start playing. You know...that music that always played whenever he'd chase the scantily-clad, nubile women with the feathered hair.

Alas, it didn't play. And both the repo man (who bore no resemblance to either Emilio Estevez or Harry Dean Stanton) and the black woman (whose name I do not know) eventually disappeared.

Speaking of Emilio Estevez, whatever happened to him? The last thing I vaguely remember him being in was one of those stupid Might Ducks movies. And whatever happened to Joe Pesci? Used to be you could go a month without one of his movies coming out. The last thing he was in was Lethal Weapon 4...did he die or something? I think we would've heard if he had. The world would be a better place with another Joe Pesci movie.

Or probably not.
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