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Saturday, April 09, 2005
Practical Advice
Blogger Sojourner said...
I did a google search for 'Cappacuolo' and the first non-Jersey Mikes link that appeared was yours. I realize you didn't enjoy your meal there but so far I have. However I do really in depth research before ordering my food (I don't want to be a stander. I hate standers). So anyway I was wondering if you could tell me what the fuck Cappacuolo. Reply here or visit my blog.....after seeing this picture (posted 4/9/05) I no longer want a sub today. Maybe Monday.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I was also trying to figure out what in the hell cappacuolo is with no luck. Maybe it is smoked road kill since Jersey Mike's seems to be the only one who knows what it is. No offense to JM because their subs are great.

Anonymous Uzume said...
Look up capocollo. It's the same thing, JMs just spell it their own way! (Also known as Gabagool due to the Sicilian Immigrant pronunciation).

Hope this solves your mystery.