Funniness Negates Wrongness
Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Way back in the day...late 2003, I suppose, Holly and Linz and Minotaur were coming into the city to visit Rifleman. A few days before, I happened to be at the sex shop with a friend of mine when I spotted the $4.99 DVD rack. $4.99 porn has got to be awful, I thought to myself, I should get some to laugh at this coming weekend with the ol' friends. I sifted through the selections, finally settling on "Oops, Did I Stick My Dick In You?", because that was the funniest title they had. Lemme tell ya', we weren't disappointed. Lopsided breasts, lumpy asses and misguided "money shots"--this movie had four hours of some of the worst porn ever.

Anyhow, it languished on my shelf until I spotted it the other day and thought "What can I do with that logo?" I was thinking we should get T-shirts made. What do you think?

I commented to Holly the other day that a good sequel might be "Sorry, My Pussy Got In The Way"