Funniness Negates Wrongness
Monday, February 14, 2005
Minotaur's Back
So, after many, many long months of nothing from the Minotaur, he's emerged from his vacation home on Crete to let us know that he's still around.

And, I for one, am thankful. Thankful because he may just start blogging again. And that would remove the onus from me to keep SSW fresh with top-notch humor and commentary and whatnot.

So, what do you say we revisit some classic Minotaur blogs from the past, not unlike Ed McMahon hosting a Carson's Comedy Classics marathon on E! Entertainment Television. Except without the guffawing and the body odor.

- Minotaur expounds on his admiration of Kevin Bacon

- Minotaur talks about Operation Liberty Shield

- Minotaur tells us why he's better than us

- Minotaur reviews game shows

- Minotaur talks about sperm

Well, welcome back, Minotaur. Delight us with your insightful commentary. Make us laugh with your lame jokes. Confuse us with your prose.

Now if we can just get that damn Custardstyle to come back. Bastard.

Oh, and Fuck Valentine's Day (Props to Cara)