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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Moore Nuttiness
Michael Moore has spoken. I snagged this graphic off his website:

Now while I'm not particularly religious, I think it's fair to say that a huge portion of mainstream America is. I find it interesting that Moore is so far out of line with this mainstream--the very mainstream he claims to be a defender of in such films as Roger & Me and The Big One--that he mocks this core population's fundamental beliefs by calling most of America "Jesusland". And the Dems wonder why they lost. Perhaps if they'd reached out to the religious working man instead of treating people like there's something inherently wrong with them because they do believe in some sort of higher power, then they might be celebrating in the streets today because Kerry would be President-elect.

I wonder how many people of Flint, Michigan go to church every week? Probably a lot. Michael Moore doesn't represent these people anymore. Hell, even I am not a big fan of religious fundamentalism or fervor, but unlike Moore and the rest of the extreme left, I recognize the fact that the Constitution of our great land guarantees people the right to believe in whatever they want to. Oh, but that's right...the Constitution is meaningless to the extreme left. Bastards.

Oh, and I wouldn't go thinking that Canada is some great land of non-religion. Oh sure, people there aren't as fervently religious as most of America is, but separation of church and state is not very well defined in Canada. Case in point, Catholic schools in Ontario and in certain areas of Saskatchewan are publicly-funded (until the 1990s, this was also true of Quebec). Even with Bush's No Child Left Behind Act or faith-based charity programs, you'd never see this arrangement in the would, after all, be a violation of the Constitution.

As for Michael Moore, I imagine the last time he stepped foot into a house of God was probably a long, long time ago. His only religious experiences these days center around his daily communion with the divine Krispy Kreme.

And Jesusland sounds like a really lame theme park. But not as lame as Disney's failed Hall of Vice Presidents. What were they thinking? No one remembers Spiro Agnew or John Calhoun or Walter Mondale. And it's sad the the animatronic Al Gore was much more lively than the real one.
Blogger StacyGrrrL said...
I wish Flint, Michigan would blow off the face of the Earth. Does it snow there? Maybe we could (with all of our Christian praying power) get God to rain down a massive amount of snow, then will all the bulldozers and the snow plows in Flint to break all at the same time. What a editorial bull-shitter. The man thrives on being a fat, unkempt pig, and getting away with it because he's "exposing the truth to the people." I hear is untaken as of yet.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Christians should be fed to lions again