Funniness Negates Wrongness
Thursday, April 01, 2004
Cool Blogs You Should Check Out
No real content today. Sorry. Rely on these fine blogs for some good readin':

Pussy Ranch (which I probably wouldn't read at work, but that's just me. Or maybe I would.)
Belle de Jour - Diary of a London Call Girl

Coming soon to SSW: Jimmy's adventures with midgets (you've now been forewarned, Holly)

I have class tonight. For our homework, we have to turn in a 10-12 page summary of the novel we've been writing for the class. I think it's silly that he expects us to have the entire story planned out even thought we only have to turn in the first three chapters of the book. I can't work like that. Sure, I'm getting pretty far into Moaner, but that doesn't mean I know exactly where the story's going (though I have kind of an idea). My prof's only getting 7 pages out of me and that's it. It's not like I'm taking this class for a grade or anything like that.