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Monday, August 04, 2003
More Nut Mail

Well, I got another email from the UFO nut-guy with the site about extra-terrestrial pederasts. I studied the drawings as he suggests and have taken it upon myself to disprove a few of them. They follow his email.

The information on is as accurate as I can make it.
Many books from reputable publishers and researchers are stated on the
website. Read the books, study the drawings, read Dave Jacobs interview and
decide for yourself. You will note that in one section I even ask the
reader to decide for themselves after studying the information.

Dave Jacobs has a book out on the information, the title is The Threat.
It's succinct and good reading.

Michael Menkin
Aliens and Children

This is obviously a picture of a mutant sentient hamburger eating mutant sentient pickles--a hypothesis much more believable than so-called "space aliens".

My, Alanis, what big eyes you have. This is a kid's rendition of Canadian singer Alanis Morrisette in a manga style.

Mutant, sentient celery.

This is nothing more than a drawing of a cross-eyed girl with a bare midriff dancing in front of a skinny, mal-nourished Asian kid.

This is a drawing of a Smurf in front of his house, obviously drawn by a child who is blue-green colorblind.

Update 4:45: PM

Got this email after posting the above:

The drawings on aliens and children are actual drawings made by a child that
is abducted by them. She now wears a thought screen most of the day and
night and the abductions stopped.

See all of the drawings on the site, compare them to normal children's
drawings which are also on the website, and judge for yourself.

Also see the books, Understanding Children's Drawings and The Threat.

all drawings are copyright by Michael Menkin and are authentic.

Michael Menkin

So I guess I should officially mention that the drawings are the copyright of Michael Menkin and that we're posting these under Fair Use.

Update Several Days Later

I've replaced this pix with links to avoid Copyright issues.