Funniness Negates Wrongness
Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Dear Mr. Hacker,

I just wanted to say thank for kindly distributing your software to the people of the world free of charge. In today’s world you can’t get much for free, but that is not the case with you fine piece of programming.

I would also like to commend you for your remarkable efficiency. In one swift act, you were able to accomplish so much. Not least of which, having successfully alerted thousands of people that their computers were susceptible to attack. If there were not people like you around, who would protect us from people like you?

Indeed, you were also able convey your feelings toward so many people using your programming prowess. I am sure that nothing says “I love you” like a computer virus. Almost certainly, San would not have liked flowers or some other kind gesture. I am equally sure that Bill Gates is now writhing in pain over having been made such a fool. Your dastardly dagger most definitely struck him more deeply than any multimillion dollar anti-trust lawsuit ever could.

Mr. Hacker, you truly do “fight the good fight,” even if it is morally bankrupt, illegal and steeped in hypocrisy.