Funniness Negates Wrongness
Thursday, May 15, 2003
Let us all take a few moments to remember the great Robert Stack. While most widely known as being the all around good guy, Eliot Ness on TV’s “Untouchables”. My generation probably knows him best as all around creepy guy as the host of TV’s “Unsolved Mysteries”. I remember growing up loving that show as long as I wasn’t watching it alone. The simple, yet scary theme song along with the deep tone of Mr. Stack’s voice was plenty of nightmare fuel. But to add to that, I subjected myself to countless stories of alien abductions, mass murders, serial rapists and a slew of other bizarre stories of crime and the unexplained. And sometimes I wonder why I had horrible reoccurring dreams as a child. Thanks Robert Stack, you asshole. The only thing that redeems you from the fiery pits of the inner most circles of hell was your small, but hilarious role in the Trey Parker and Matt Stone film “BASEketball”. You lucked out with that one buddy.