Funniness Negates Wrongness
Thursday, April 17, 2003
Tuesday was a fun and interesting day. It was just going to be a quick trip to see Zwan, but a few other things of note happened. I left Tyler for Dallas with Tim and Matt. On the way up, we listened to a mix CD I made and then some of the new Radiohead. We got to Jimmy’s house a couple of hours later and hung out there for a bit. Then we went over to Las Collinas to visit Simon and Spencer at their apartment. Simon took us on a tour of the Dallas Sound Lab, where he goes to school. I was pretty impressed. We went back to their apartment and hung out on a hill with a clear view of the Dallas skyline. Simon and Spencer decided to go along with us to the show, since it wasn’t sold out.

We loaded into two cars and headed toward Oak Cliff and the Bronco Bowl. After getting turned around a couple of times, we eventually got there with plenty of time to spare. We paid the ridiculous sum of $10 to park and then walked across the street to Sonic to get some grub. After dinner, we walked over to a convenience store run by some Arabs to get some Red Bull to charge up for the show. After a couple of us walked out, there was a black guy outside asking for change so I gave him a buck. He was actually pretty friendly. Here’s the conversation we had:

Guy: Are y’all going to that concert tonight.
Me: Yeah.
Guy: Have fun. Do you like Oak Cliff?
Me: It has character.
Guy: Let me tell you something, right now standing here with me you’ll be alright, but about 1:00 in the morning, this store will be closed and you’re gonna be on your own.
Tim: So, bad things go down around here.
Guy: Oh yeah, especially down there (points to apartment complex across the street.)
Me: Well, we better get going.
Guy: OK, you kids have fun.
Us: Thanks, God bless.

We entered the Bronco Bowl and I bought a T-Shirt so I wouldn’t have to fight the crowd afterwards. We then took a restroom break and then headed down to the floor. Not too much later, Matt Sweeney of Zwan came out on stage and introduced the opening act, The Children’s Hour, as Zwan’s favorite band. They were an interesting and talented band, but a very odd choice for Zwan’s opener. It was a guy playing acoustic guitar and a chick on a harp who sang with this Joni Mitchell-like voice, if Joni was Irish. Shortly after their set, Zwan came on. They opened with the title track from their album, “Mary, Star of the Sea” and rocked on it for about 10 minutes. That first song alone was worth the price of admission, I kid you not. We were then treated to an onslaught of pure rock in the form of most of the rest of the songs off the album. Filling in the gaps were amazing non-album tracks, like Riverview and Spilled Milk. It was an incredible experience. It the first all out rock show I’ve been to since the Nine Inch Nails show back in 2000.

If we thought the fun ended after the concert was over, then we were wrong. After exiting the Bronco Bowl, we hung out by our cars and talked for a while. When all of a sudden, we hear this really loud buzzing sound and the sky starts glowing green to the east, the is a loud “pop” and then several lights go out. Someone said it was probably a squirrel climbing into a transformer, but that was quite a big explosion. So it must have been a really big squirrel. One that probably has a really big car that he gets into and runs over people with.

We left shortly after that craziness and Tim, Matt and I headed back to Tyler. We were pretty tuckered out by this point, so the ride home was fairly uneventful. I got into bed by about 2:00 and dreamed of giant black squirrels begging for change so he can save up to go to the Dallas Sound Lab.