Funniness Negates Wrongness
Wednesday, April 30, 2003
Damn Lazy Bastard
Laziness. That's the only excuse I have for my lack of blogs lately. Well, at least one of my excuses. My allergies have been really bad and the Benadryl makes me as sleepy as a Mexican gardener, so I get home and fall asleep instead of staying up late and writing like I should. And since I can't count on my fellow bloggers to write with any regularity ("we have to go to work"--big freakin' deal--I have a job as well, along with an hour commute each way), it's up to me to keep this content fresh. And I've failed at that as of late. So, I'm going to reaffirm my commitment towards SomethingSoWrong.Com and try to write more blogs.

Last night was interesting. I got off work at the usual time of 6:00 and headed towards Las Colinas. Specifically, I was going to the Starbucks that our friend Allan works at, in hopes of scoring some free caffeine. Much to my chagrin, Allan wasn't working as I arrived. Being that I haven't been able to finagle a hook-up from any of the other people there, I was forced to pay too much for my coffee. It's amazing how a tiny bit of mediocre coffee, a cup of milk, some chocolate syrup and some whipped cream can be worth over $3.00. It's even more amazing that people, myself included, will pay for this. At least I usually get the hook-up.

At any rate, I sat outside, enjoying the evening's cool breeze, and did the New York Times crossword while sipping my corporate coffee. Much to my surprise, Allan showed up and joined me at my small table. I told him of my weekend in Houston with Custardstyle and Minotaur (which will eventually be blogged about) and he asked if I wanted to join him for dinner after a quick trip to the new Fry's Electronics store in Irving. I agreed, as we'd be going to Chili's and we can usually get some kind of hook-up there.

The new Fry's, for those who are interested, is at Olympus Blvd. and LBJ. As we walked inside, I was amazed. Whereas the other two Fry's in the DFW Metroplex are run-down and disarrayed, this store was almost opulent. Marble columns greeted us at the entrance and the interior was floored with intricate designs executed in marble. The walls were clad in hardwood stained a deep shade and there was a cafe in the center of the store. It was almost as if it were too nice to be an electronics store.

Our mission here was to look for a big-screen TV for Allan. I'm not sure what drives people to acquire big-screen TVs, but there is something in guy's genetic code that pushes us towards them. Allan and I looked around at what they had to offer. He finally settled on a Philips HD-ready 50". It was on sale for the unbelievably low price of $999. A steal. He paid for it, and we decided to take it with us instead of having it delivered. Unfortunately, it was too big for his truck, so we had to call his friend Eric to use his overly-large Dodge Ram. We loaded it and tied it down and began the long, slow trek to Allan's place. The whole while I had visions of a strong wind catching it and slinging it into oncoming traffic. In fact, I secretly wished deep down that this would happen, as I would laugh and laugh at such a misfortune. Schadenfreude once again rears its ugly head. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, we got it back to his place safe. Oh well, perhaps something tragic will happen to it in the apartment. If I'm fortunate--I need a good laugh.